Market Services

Campobello Foods is an ideal distribution option for manufacturers of goods wishing to enter the greater Kansas City market without the high upfront cost of warehouse programs. Our personal "hands in the freezer" services insure your product will be stocked and ready for your consumers to purchase.

Additionally, our "just in time" shelf stocking services eliminates "outs" and the need for back stocking of product which greatly reduces damaged shrink to the manufacturer.


Campobello Foods can work as a supplemental distributer for manufacturers which offer only a partial number of their product skews through the warehouse system.

If you are a manufacturer which offers additional skew selections that cannot meet the required velocity to maintain a warehouse slot, our services can get those products on the shelves for you.


Campobello has become a safe haven for manufacturers which have been unable to maintain warehouse distribution and are still looking for a means to continue service to the established demand for their line.

Many larger manufactures have utilized our services to prevent total elimination from a market that has been established, yet eliminated due to uncontrolled or unfair practices.