Thursday, September 19, 2019



Habanero's has learned when a product and service are this can't keep it a secret. We have always done catering for family and friends but since the word has gotten out Habanero's has truly made the change to a full scale corporate caterer. We will still come to family gatherings, reunions, and game day celebrations but we now can't say no to manufacturing, electrical, medical, educational, financial, and sporting servicing companies.

catering3Habanero's provides basically three basic catering services. They are; pick-up, drop-off and full service catering. Each is designed to make your life a little easier. We will provide any meal and have it ready when you pick it up. We will prepare your meal and then drop it off. Lastly, we will set-the food up, serve the food and clean the food up. Which style best suits you're next catering event?

Additionally, think pizza and sub sandwiches are the end all for employee luncheons? Try our burrito wrap and 2 desserts Flying Palo's for $5.50. What employee wouldn't want a hot burrito with a dessert? If you haven't tried us out yet... I promise you will love us!!



To place your Catering Order, contact Jennifer Russell or Kyle Gustin at 816-554-1008 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Did You Know?

Do you know what makes a pepper hot?

According to our Kitchen Manager, Sylvia, the chemical capsaicin is what makes peppers so hot. So the more capsaicin that is in a pepper, the hotter the pepper will be. Who knew?