Monday, August 19, 2019


Catering Suggestions

Family meals (3 – 6 people)

Family meals are most convenient in situations where you just don't know what to eat. Unexpected friends and family stopping by or how about your child's 8 closest hungry friends....just call us with your order from our Dinner Menu and we will handle the rest. You do not even need to get out of your car, just come up to our drive through window located on the west side of our restaurant. Another idea for a family is our Mexican Lasagne, or enchilada casserole with hot and fresh chips and salsa. Half pan Casserole is plenty for you and your family. Chances are you will have some leftovers!

Finger food snacks (5 – 15 Appetizers only)

Habanero's has the best Appetizers in the world! Besides the Dips which are hand made fresh everyday like: Habey - Queso - Guacamole, or how about our Seven Layer Dip and of course all Salsa choices. (All 24 oz sizes come with 2 bags of hot chips free! We need to make sure this is indicated on the menu under dips) Add to this Chicken Taquito's and Flauta's. Do you need a little pizzazz to your party??? Why not order some Fire, Fire, Fire or Crash and Burn salsa.... Believe us when we say, this may be the only kick your party will need! Let's not forget about the something sweet. Try our Strawberry Mousse & Cinnamon Crisps or Sopapillas Desserts.

Sport Teams and Extra Curricular Groups (10 – 20)

Feeding a hungry bunch of hungry youth or how about the adult softball teams? Call in your order ahead and pick-up at our window. How about a Burrito Wrap? Choose from Steak, chicken or beef wrapped and ready to go with your team! 2 Flying Palo's Desserts comes with each wrap. If eating a sit down meal is needed call us ahead 816-554-1008 and let us reserve a section for you and your team. If the team eats here your coach/ director can eat free! (Must be a group size of at least 10 or above - not valid with any other offers)

Business/ Manufacturing Luncheons (20 – 40 people)

If a lunch and learn session or safety training is what your ordering for, why not try our Hot Boxed Dinners Personal sized Chips and Salsa comes with each meal... enough food for even the hungriest of appetites. How about a Fajita, Enchilada or Burrito meal. This group would also enjoy a Party Taco Salad which makes and excellent addition for any of the above mentioned entrees. If your company would like to leave the premises our location offers a semi private are for up to 50 people. Eat off our lunch menu and save. Let us serve you for your next business meeting or training.

Corporate/ Manufacturing Events (50 and over)

Our main objective for you catering event is that your food is delivered on time, hot and ready to eat. Each employee you have is very important to us and so is your budget. Here are some of our suggestions: First course has to be the Chips and Salsa. Our Party Bag of Chips feed a lot of hungry people and our Salsas will promise to pack the punch if you need them too. Our Seven Layer Dip is delicious and filling while not hurting your budge. Our Salsa's and Dips come in bigger sizes as well depending on the size of your group. Haven't tried our famous Habey Dip? Let me say, this dip sells as much as our hard tacos. It is that good! (All - How good is it? It is so good that one of our favorite manufacturing companies has said... our group can't skip the dip! And they mean they can't skip the Habey dip!) We do have the traditional Queso and Guacamole dips as well.

Weddings and other Personal Ceremonies (50 and over)

You are more than a business event... you are extra special to us. We care more about making your day worry-free then you can imagine. Come in for a taste test of one or two of your ideal dishes. We would love to hear all about your love story or special ceremony. Try working with a caterer who has the heart to listen to your story and then form a personalized recommendation that suits your special day.

Our Burritos are our Biggest Hit

The main reason.... they are so filling and help on the ole pocketbook. 12 Burritos cut in 1/3 so there are 36 servings in each order. The Party Taco Salad is excellent since it equally is filling. Most people like these two entrees served together. If a taco type bar is what your employees enjoy let us suggests our Fajita Bar or Taco Bar that is complete with all the cold fixings. Yep, everything is included. We have taken the guess work out. In addition the Enchiladas or to die for! Can you taste the cheeses melting in your mouth right now? (Now you're hungry right?)

Don't forget the Sides: Spanish Rice and Refried Beans which will compliment your entrees even more. Tip: Usually people will eat two times the amount of rice then Refried Beans. Also have Vegans in your group? Take a look at our Bean options. We have heard our Vegan customers rave about how much they appreciate having choices.

The best Dessert option for you is our Flying Palo's Desserts. Of course any of our Desserts will do depending on your occasion.
Extra Special Luncheons or Holiday Dinners: Customer favorites are the hand made Tamales and Chili Relenos. Call ahead for special occasions and dine with us. We can actually make your own menu suited to you and your budgets needs. Thinking ahead for Christmas or other Holiday dinners early? Great for early Booking! This will ensure you and your group will be able to celebrate your office occasion at Habanero's.



Did You Know?

Do you know what makes a pepper hot?

According to our Kitchen Manager, Sylvia, the chemical capsaicin is what makes peppers so hot. So the more capsaicin that is in a pepper, the hotter the pepper will be. Who knew?